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Following is a list of my Published Work:

Enchanted Forest of Horror (A Short Horror Story)

This short story was my attempt at the Horror genre and it was a lot of fun to write!  It was originally published in the October 2010 edition of Twisted Dreams Magazine, which you can order here 

Twisted Dreams Magazine required that my story be limited to 1,500 words, so it is a VERY short story (which some would consider to be Flash Fiction).  You can find my story on Amazon or download it for free on Smashwords.


Ben (A Short Inspirational Fiction Story)

This was my attempt at a short Inspirational Fiction story.  The original idea began as I dream I had, which I developed into a short story.  You can find this story on Amazon or download it for free on Smashwords.


Fresh out of college, Kaylie's first week in her new apartment is anything but welcoming, and a disastrous attempt to befriend her cantankerous old neighbor sets off a series of events that forever changes her life. 

Following is a list of my Work in Progress:

Reign of the Dragons (An Epic Fantasy Novel)

It's a dark time in Rinaya.  The royal line has been destroyed and treachery surrounds the throne.  And the dragons, the malevolent guardians of the kingdom from time immemorial, have mysteriously vanished.

In a society where family lineage defines a person, there are those who would do anything to change theirs, even if it means altering the course of the entire realm...

Read the First Chapter here!!

Cats in Space (A Ridiculous Video)

Back in 2010, my husband made this funny video of sending our cat into space. Don't worry though, no cats were harmed (or actually sent into space) during the making of this video.