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Enchanted Forest of Horror (A Short Horror Story)

This short story was my attempt at the Horror genre and it was a lot of fun to write!  It was originally published in the October 2010 edition of Twisted Dreams Magazine, which you can order here 

Twisted Dreams Magazine required that my story be limited to 1,500 words, so it is a VERY short story (which some would consider to be Flash Fiction).  You can find my story on Amazon or download it for free on Smashwords.


I could hardly believe I had let my girlfriends convince me to join them for the weekend at the Bear Creek Lodge—the site of the Bradley Massacre. Eight years ago, some crazy guy gunned down six hikers in the woods near the lodge before a forest ranger shot and killed him. And now the place has become a playground for urban legends.

My girlfriends had thought it would be fun to stay at the lodge on the anniversary of the massacre, sharing ghost stories and trying to give each other nightmares. And now, here I was, stranded and alone in an allegedly accursed forest. Just my luck.